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About Us

SOA is a global organization dedicated to restoring the health of the ocean by activating young people, mobilizing an ocean workforce and developing and implementing innovative solutions. Since 2014, SOA has grown the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders and supported innovative startups, nonprofits and grassroots campaigns dedicated to solving the greatest threats facing our planet. 

Having started SOA at the age of 19 during her undergraduate studies at Georgetown University, Daniela V. Fernandez has grown the SOA business to employ 30 ocean advocates, subject-matter experts and exceptional thinkers who believe in her vision. Taking novel approaches to how nonprofits should be built in the 21st century, Daniela and her team are pioneers when it comes to entrepreneurship. With that, they have been able to inspire those who have scientific and technological solutions that have the potential for direct application to ocean sustainability at scale. 

SOA has mobilized young leaders and entrepreneurs to join our sustainability-driven alliance through a differentiated non-profit model. In years past, we have focused our efforts on pollution reduction, circular economy solutions, sustainable fisheries, marine ecosystem protection and restoration, as well as CO2 reduction. 

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